Mjutah – Horizon EP

1. Mjutah – Mekong (Original Mix)
2. Mjutah – Otres (Original Mix)
3. Mjutah – Bangkok (Original Mix)

Release: 14/03/2013
Cat. No.: conclu011
Format: Digital only

New outfit Mjutah are Concorde Club Recordings latest showcase of talented producers to come from the Berlin area. Horizon is the enchanting debut EP from the formerly known Microtune & Takter. A love for the deepest and most alluring sounds is used to create a distinct celestial ambience that runs throughout the EP.

Supported by Luciano (Cadenza), Kolombo (Noir Music / Kompakt), Robert Owens (Rebirth / Murmur), Jesse Rose (Made To Play), Atapy (Get Physical / Noir / Cimelde), Stefan Obermaier (Drift Recordings / Universal Music), Chaim (Bpitch Control / Supplement Facts), Marc Poppcke (Crossfrontier Audio), Werner Niedermeier (OFF Recordings / Soulman Music), Patryk Molinari (Exploited), Bara Bröst (BBE Records), Sebo (URSL / Bachstelzen), Soul Button (Steyoyoke) a.m.!